April 1, 2017

Welcome to the Social Studies Education in Hiroshima University(SSEHU) homepage! As a representative of this program, I would like to wish all of you a warm welcome.

The principles of Hiroshima University are as follows: the pursuit of peace; the creation of new forms of knowledge; the nurturing of well-rounded human beings; collaboration with the local, regional and international communities; and continuous self-development. SSEHU strives to conduct study and research in the field of Social Studies in order to help realize those principles.

Our course was reorganized in 2000. The two main original elements of SSEHU were the Department and Graduate School of Social Studies Education and the Department of Teacher Training of Hiroshima higher normal school.

We, the members of SSEHU, both teachers and students, are colleagues who learn together the meaning of “knowing society,” “understanding society,” and “making society” and how it can be possible to achieve those goals. Do you want to go abroad to study and engage in international research exchange? How about studying society and education with us at Hiroshima University?

Chief professor of SSEHU Kenji Tanahashi



Hiroshima University
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Department of Social Studies Education
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