Titles of 2017 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1.A Study of Location and Changes of Water Mills in The Modern Textile Industry-A Case Study of Gunma Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture-
  • 2.Deployment and The Nature of Hayato Domination of An Ancient Law-based(Ritsuryō) Nation
  • 3.Aspects of human relations in Heian Aristocratic society ―Mitinaga・Sanesuke・Yukinari―
  • 4.A Study on Abandoned Mandarin orchard: A Case Study of Arida City, Wakayama prefecture
  • 5.Research on the social space of Chinese restaurants in Hiroshima city
  • 6.The behavior of women entrepreneurs and their supportive environment in Hiroshima City
  • 7.Political Education for Developing Competencies for Deliberating Participation
    : Analyzing the PBL curriculum, “Project Based Government”
  • 8.A Study on Teaching Controversial Issues in England: The Clues to the Arguments of R. Stradling and J.J. Wellington
  • 9.A Study on Structure of Geography and History Education for “Changing Society”
    ―An Analysis of CITIZENSHIP THROUGH Series―
  • 10.Historical Education Focusing on Past People’s Choice-The Clues to NCEE’s Historical Teaching Materials from the Viewpoint of Economics-

Titles of 2016 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1.The rebellion in the late Heian period and the formation of the warrior leaders
  • 2.The significance of “context” in research of social studies education: comparative study on methodology adopted by 3 U.S. researchers
  • 3.The educational objectives of “Citizenship” in England : Focusing on GCSE Citizenship
  • 4.How is the evaluation system in high school geography maintained? :Focusing on the embedded agreement between teacher and students
  • 5.The Imperial Court in the End of the Edo Period and Prince Asahiko
  • 6.A social studies class shaped as universal design; Implications from the NCSS report published in U.S.
  • 7.A procedure of geography lesson planning as social sciences education: relation between selection, reading and translation of resource books
  • 8.A study of Kegare in the early middle Heian period
  • 9.The control in western Japan of Kamakura Shogunate, From trials in Bingo Province’s manor
  • 10.Development of the learning method of teaching history in junior high school social studies using the local instructional materials for developing the ability of thinking, judging and expressing.
  • 11.A study on the unit development of the teaching geography for developing the grobal perspective in junior high school social studies
  • 12.Urban Planning of Hiroshima City After the Second World War
  • 13.A study of improvement about education for disaster prevention from the view point of ESD(Education for Sustainable Development
  • 14.Development of Lesson Plan on the Current Issues Studies for Developing ” the Comprehensive Problem Solving Ability” in Junior High School Social Studies

Titles of 2015 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1.Development of Social Studies units to develop citizens living in a digital-media society
  • 2.Research on the Paul W. Taylor’s environmental thought: “Respect for Nature” as a clue
  • 3.Teacher’s belief and decision-making in designing social studies lesson: Through the survey with the “Personal Practice Theories”
  • 4.Integration and mediation of social studies theory in planning elementary social studies: Structural analysis of decision-making in unit development
  • 5.Chinese Historical studies in Former Liang: Focusing on Zhang Jun’s policy
  • 6.Deliberation-learning as citizenship education: Hess’s and Johnson’s theories as a clue
  • 7.School district curriculum of social studies in Michigan, U.S: Functions to teachers’ autonomous gatekeeping
  • 8.Research on Chinese geography education based on quality education: Comparison between “geography” in separated and “history and society” in integrated Social Studies curriculum
  • 9.Social Studies reflection human’s belief through current controversial issue: Focusing on normative concept including bias for gender
  • 10.Geography teacher as curriculum maker: Teacher’s autonomy under the national curriculum, UK
  • 11.Noble costume in the Heian period: Focusing on charter of kin-jiki and zappo
  • 12.Historical inquiry learning in US: Theory and practice into positivism and constructionism

Titles of 2014 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1.An empirical study on acquirement and Deeping of historical thinking: From the three viewpoints of thinking contents, skills and learning motivation
  • 2.Research on the Arne Nass’s environmental thought: Focused on statue between an individual and the whole in the gestalt-ontology
  • 3.International situation in the early 20th century: Focusing on diplomatic documents related to the Otani’s expedition
  • 4.Research on learning history unit designed by constitutive principles: Theory of a group “Anne Le Roux” as a clue
  • 5.A study of changing air traffic systems: Analyzing the effect on the traffic of LCCs breaking into the aviation market
  • 6.An ancient law-based (rituryo) nation and earthquake: Focused on measure against seismic hazard
  • 7.Qualities and capabilities as citizen requested by Japanese Universities: Analyzing admission examinations

Titles of 2013 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1. Lesson design to develop multicultural and symbiotic qualification in middle school Social Studies
  • 2. Pre-service teacher’s process of growth as a Social Studies teacher: Focused on formation of subject values and subject teaching power
  • 3. Development of teaching method in history education to nurture critical thinking: High school “Japanese history A” as a clue
  • 4. Research on unit development in middle school peace education for children to nurture the power to construct peace—focused on understanding the relation between structural violence and conflict and solving these problems
  • 5. Curriculum organization of history education to support making a big picture of history with a multilayered and spiral process, using the SHP History series as a clue
  • 6. The process and structure of understanding that are intrinsic in the textbooks of middle school history: An analysis of historical exhibition
  • 7. Research on environmental thought—focused on the process of development from “land ethics” to “holistic ethics”
  • 8. Research on landscapes in housing complexes: The case of Higashi-Hiroshima city
  • 9. Regional comparison and examination of women’s employment and reality of nurture in the suburbs and depopulated areas: The case of Tokushima prefecture
  • 10. Mission work of Shan-Tao Pure Land Buddhism in western regions of China
  • 11. Regional policy and growth of the rich class in the development process of an ancient law-based (rituryo) nation
  • 12. Shipping policy of an ancient law-based (rituryo) nation and dynastic (ocho) nation

Titles of 2012 master’s theses completed in SSEHU

  • 1. The power design of Oda Nobunaga against traditional prestige—focused on the relationship between Court and Muromachi Shogunate
  • 2. The problem of school level gap and overcoming it in English geography and history education—using the Starting Secondary School series as a clue
  • 3. Toyotomi clan and Tokugawa clan after the establishment of Toyokuni temple: A tentative study based on syunkyuuki
  • 4. Developing civic lessons in middle school to promote decision-making power—focused on “agreement” of law-related debate issues
  • 5. Developing ESD lessons in high school geography: The unit “Prevention of Disasters and Crime”
  • 6. Research on ESD practice in geography education—based on the trend analysis of UNESCO, ICU, CGE and DGfG
  • 7. Research on the Satsuma Rebellion—focused on the truth of its outbreak
  • 8. Research problems related to the list of clothes and other objects found at Turfan—focused on appellation, transition, and formula
  • 9. Theory and reality of evaluation of children’s disposition as inquiring humans practiced by the association members of Shoshi no Kai
  • 10. Logic of the integration of subject areas to form synthetic social recognition in middle school Social Studies: An analysis of the content structure of American early middle school education



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