Academic Association

Japanese Educational Research Association for Social Studies(JERASS)


It is impossible to talk about studying in graduate school in Japan without considering the role of membership in an academic association. You will give a presentation about your research and submit papers in a variety of academic associations. By doing so, you can get valuable feedback from other scholars to make your research better. The main office of Japanese Educational Research Association for Social Studies(JERASS) is at SSEHU, and SSEHU students play a leading role in supporting JERASS.To do so JERASS, SSEHU students do two main jobs.

One is supporting the running of JERASS. Every graduate student in SSEHU enrolls in JERASS and participates in running it. For example, they support its annual meeting and engage in paper’s proofreading. By doing tasks such as these, you can meet many Social Studies scholars and you broaden your research horizons.

The other way you can participate in JERASS is by giving presentations and submitting papers. By doing so, you can share the results of your research with other scholars and get meaningful advice from them, participating as a full member of the program and the academic community. In the doctoral course, you have to submit and receive approval of at least two papers from the association (meaning from professional academics). SSEHU students have continued to submit their papers to JERASS and other educational associations and received approvals for their efforts.

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