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Introducing life in Higashi-hiroshima as a foreign student

 Higashi-Hiroshima is a typical university town. The university is a major part of this city. It is quite a small city so it does not have the nightlife of a large center, but it has a good atmosphere to study and research, and the people who live in Higashi-Hiroshima are friendly to non-Japanese. Below, I will introduce life in Higashi-Hiroshima as a foreign student in detail.

 The first topic we will discuss is housing. Hiroshima University has some dormitories for foreign students; however, they can only stay there for a year at the longest, and most foreign students attend Hiroshima University for more than two years. That means they have to move at least once. As a result, many foreign students live at Sun Square, which is run by Higashi-Hiroshima municipal government. It consists of studio apartments each with its own kitchen, bath, and bedroom/living room. They come furnished with basic furniture and appliances such as a bed, a desk, a refrigerator, and so on. On the eighth and ninth floors, there are washing machines and driers, so it is easy to do the laundry. The most important thing is that everyone can live here for more than three years. You don’t have to move while you live here.

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 The next topic is transportation. Sun Square is near Saijo Station, so it is easy to get to downtown Hiroshima or the airport. However, it is a little bit far from the University. You can get to school by bus in twenty minutes or by bicycle in thirty minutes. The most convenient option is to buy a car, but this is a financial burden for a foreign student.

 Eating well is also important, and Saijo has a variety of delicious food. Tsukemen, which is a noodle dish that you can dip noodles into soup, is a famous specialty of this region. There isn’t much spicy food in Japan, so I sometimes go eat tsukemen because I can choose how spicy I want it. There are a lot of sushi restaurants and hiroshima style okonomiyaki(like Piza)shops here, too. It is very delicious, but the price is reasonable.

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And there are good ramen restaurants too. Besides these things, you can try food from other parts of the world, such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Korean. Also, if you can cook, you can get fresh, cheap ingredients at supermarkets in Saijo. The stores “EVERY” and “LAMU” have a variety of options to choose from, and “Youme Town” has groceries as well as daily necessities, so it is easy to go shopping there and get everything you need.

The last topic is enjoying life in Higashi-Hiroshima. Joining a club will be a good way to relax, and there are a lot of clubs at Hiroshima University. They get together once or twice a week and take part in a hobby. For example, I joined the volleyball club. I made a lot of good friends and enjoyed getting some activity. Going to Hiroshima city is another option. You can go there by train in 35 minutes from Saijo station. How about having a day at a nice café or a peaceful park in Hiroshima city? You can also go to other regions with your friends if they have a car. There are a lot of tourist spots near here. Let’s enjoy living in Higashi-Hiroshima together!



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