Voice from alumni-China

Dr.Cai Qiuying

Teacher, Tode High School, Hiroshima

-Memories of Hiroshima University and Saijo

At Hiroshima University I met four professors who were precise in research but also kind, such as Professor Kobara, who provided great enlightenment for my studies and great assistance for me to obtain the doctoral degree in Social Studies. Saijo, where I lived, had nice people, clean streets, and convenient transportation. What’s more, there were many overseas students. We were all good friends despite differences of nationality, race, religion, and culture. I am very lucky to be here still, to know all the charming professors and students, and to have enjoyed meaningful overseas study in this beautiful city.

-The topic that I studied when I was at Hiroshima University

I studied Social Studies and got some enlightenment from my Japanese social studies education. I conducted research on the features and significance of the Chinese Social Studies curriculum in the 21st century and wrote a doctoral thesis on this topic. After graduation, I also conducted comparative research on Social Studies education in Eastern Asian countries, in particular China, Japan, and South Korea. In addition, thanks to a recommendation from Professor Norio Ikeno, I took an active part in an international research meeting and exchanged experiences with many famous international scholars, expanding my research from a global perspective.

-Message to students considering enrollment at Hiroshima University

In our lives, we cannot predict what will happen next. Sticking to the principle of “never give up; make moves step by step,” I finally overcome various difficulties, showing that efforts will finally pay. Overseas students tend to face more barriers than domestic students. However, with effort and courage to pursue your dream, I firmly believe that you will obtain success.



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