Voice from alumni-Korea1

Dr.Kwon Oh Hyun

Professor, Social Studies Education, Kyungsang University, Chinju

-Memories of Hiroshima University and Saijo

When I enrolled at Hiroshima University, there were no places to enjoy life in Saijo because the university just moved from central Hiroshima to Saijo. However, this helped me focus on my research. What I remember most at Hiroshima University is the special seminar for my dissertation. I learned a lot from some legendary teachers, and that experience made me grow as an independent researcher. I met a lot of good colleagues at that time in Saijo. We have kept in touch with each other and helped each other’s research.

-The topic that I studied when I was at Hiroshima University

I studied history education in Korea from 1910 to 1945. The purpose of my research was to analyze changes in history education in that period. Now, I am interested in history education in Japan. Methodologies of history education and comparison of citizenship education between Korea and Japan are also concerns of mine.

-Message to students considering enrollment at Hiroshima University

In Korea, Hiroshima University is recognized as a center of Social Studies education in Japan. SSEHU has produced a lot of excellent researchers and has led trends in Social Studies education. Recently, SSEHU has been giving its best to international exchange, and Korea is one of SSEHU’s most important partners. A lot of Korean who graduated from SSEHU, including myself, play a role to connect to Korea and Japan.



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