Voice from alumni-Korea2

Dr.Lee Jeong Hee

Associate Professor, Social Studies Education, Gwangju University of Education, Gwangju, South Korea

-Memories of Hiroshima University and Saijo

For me, Saijo is a place where I learned how to study and where I had wonderful relationships. I didn’t know anyone in Saijo and I didn’t know what my future would be at that time. However, a lot of teachers, senior colleagues, and peers helped me and guided me to achieve my goal of becoming a good researcher. Every April, we had a barbeque party. When we were busy trying to meet presentation deadlines, we encouraged each other. Every memory that I have now about Saijo, even though Japan was a foreign country for me at the time, makes me nostalgic and reminds me of that happy time.

-The topic that I studied when I was at Hiroshima University

I studied the analysis of Social Studies lessons. To improve Social Studies lessons, I established and implemented a framework to analyze them. While doing that, I learned a lot from my advisor, Ikeno Norio. He identified what my theory lacked and gave me meaningful advice. Based on my studies at SSEHU, I have helped a lot of elementary school teachers improve their Social Studies lessons. And I write Social Studies textbooks for elementary school students, so I take interest in Social Studies textbooks and curriculums from all over the world.

-Message to students considering enrollment at Hiroshima University

I recommend SSEHU to those who want to study Social Studies deeply. SSEHU is well known for fostering not just talented teachers but also researchers and teachers of teachers. And SSEHU has a lot of connections to other famous foreign universities. Don’t hesitate to be a member of the SSEHU community!



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