Titles of doctoral dissertations since 2002

Doctorate by way of Advanced Course

  • 2017 The relationship between disasters and the state in the Nara period and the Heian period
  • 2017 Mutual understanding education through “Authentic Communication”: An action research of “Making a Better Social Studies Textbook ” between Japanese and South Korean students as agents of authorship
  • 2016 Preservice Teachers’ Development of Purpose and Lesson Planning Skill in Social Studies Teacher Education : A Case Study of Social Studies Teacher Training Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Japan
  • 2016 Research on Gaming Simulation in Social Studies Education-Developing Social Experiment Learning Utilizing Business Game and Verifying its Effectiveness-
  • 2016 The Principles and Development of History Learning Based on Constructivism in Modern America: Active Formation of History Image
  • 2016 A Study on the Formation of Landscapes by Administration and Residents in Japan
  • 2016 The Study of The Employment and Life Course About Foreign Women in Japan
  • 2015 Research on the use of geographic information system on geographical education
  • 2015 A study of the lesson reform in elementary school Social Studies in modern China : Focusing on unified development of the “Morality” and “Social Recognition”
  • 2015 Inquiry into the methodology for designing the world history unit: For citizenship education
  • 2015 Research on thought and approach of professional development for Social Studies teachers in America: Focused on Social Studies teacher’s quality and capability
  • 2015Reform of geographical education related to Education for Sustainable Development: A case of Germany
  • 2014 Formation of court ceremony in the oucho-kokka and its music
  • 2014 Research on the curriculum theory for new philosophy education: For the school education teaching children to think by themselves
  • 2014 Curriculum reform of “Ethics” education through “learning of a sense of values formation”: From “Education for way of life” to “Citizenship Education”
  • 2014 Research on the methodological reform for learning evaluation in Social Studies: A guaranty for social recognition formation process using a constructivist’s
  • 2013 A comparative study of women’s employment and childcare between Japan and China
  • 2013 Research on Kozui Otani: The activities throughout Asia
  • 2011 Research on thought in Social Studies education in America: A paradigm for comprehensive interpretation of the identity of Social Studies
  • 2010 Research on the citizenship education curriculum in English middle schools—based on an implemented curriculum research approach
  • 2010 Research on lesson studies in Social Studies in Korean elementary schools through construction and application of a “holistic analyzing method for lessons”
  • 2010 Research on the reformation of history education theory in modern Germany: Theory of realistic reforms
  • 2009 Construction of a theory of Social Studies lesson design for foreign students—from the view of integration of plural cultures for children crossing borders
  • 2009 Theory of tool design for assessment in Social Studies: A pedagogical strategy of assessment for practitioners
  • 2009 Research on methodological reforms for improvement of Social Studies lessons: Spiral PDCA cycle according to differences in qualitative formation
  • 2008 Research on theory of elementary history education in the modern United States: Reformation from objectivism to constructivism
  • 2008 Research on curriculum reform of school subjects conforming to Social Studies in modern China: From ideological and political education to civic education
  • 2006 Research on theory of lesson design for law-related education in the modern United States for the development of law-related qualities in civil society
  • 2006 Development and Structure of modern American Social Studies: From social recognition education to cultural recognition education
  • 2005 Research on theory of curriculum organization in history education in the modern UK: Development of a historical pragmatic paradigm
  • 2005 Research on the history of the birth of civic education in Japanese middle school after World War II—focused on recognition formation and quality development
  • 2004 Research on the appearance of a theory of Social Studies lessons in the reformation period in the United States—focused on the process in which the learner as a researcher develops his or her thought
  • 2004 Research on lesson structure of problem-solving-based Social Studies in respond to school levels and learning areas: For improvement of middle school Social Studies
  • 2004 Developing and structure of value learning in the modern United States: Meaning and methods of procedural knowledge for social constitution
  • 2004 Historical research on curriculum organization of history education in Japan before World War II—focused on the relation between Japanese history and foreign history
  • 2003 Research on the theory of curriculum organization of history education: Formation of open-ended scientific social recognition
  • 2003 Research on the political thought of Kido Takayoshi
  • 2002 Research on the theory of geography education reform in the modern UK for the development of citizenship

Doctorate by way of Dissertation

  • 2012 Research on the theory of constitutional civic education in the modern United States: Developing children’s citizenship from kindergarten to high school based on constitutional norms
  • 2010 Research on the development and organization of curriculum content in middle school Social Studies: Formation of an open-ended public mind
  • 2010 Research on designing geography lessons to develop citizenship—focused on the “controversial social issue learning model”
  • 2005 Research on the reform process of school subjects conforming to Social Studies in modern Germany: Demarcation of Social Studies
  • 2005 Inquiry into the principle of “Life Environment Studies” to make children’s “awareness” wider and deeper
  • 2005 Research on the development process of Harold Rugg’s Social Studies curriculum: Characteristics of “problems in America”
  • 2004 Research on developing lessons to form recognition of a fluctuating society in elementary school Social Studies: Teaching content reform based on critical learning of a hypothesis
  • 2004 Empirical research on the development and formation of children’s social recognition: Transformation of economic recognition as a clue
  • 2004 Research on lesson reform of school subjects conforming to Social Studies in the Taisho liberal education era—focused on elementary education
  • 2003 Research on the history of the birth of a Social Studies curriculum in Japan
  • 2002 Research on the theory of curriculum organization in geography education: A raison d’être for “Social Studiesized geography”
  • 2002 Research on reform of curriculum content in middle school history education: The logic and development of teaching social history
  • 2002 Research on curriculum organization in a combined class in elementary school—focused on Social Studies education
  • 2002 Research on the development of a secondary history curriculum: Open-ended interpretation learning
  • 2002 Research on reforms in economic education: The logic and development of economic citizenship education



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